MasterCard Business Debit

MasterCard Business - trustful debit card for day-to-day business operations for Your company.

  • For day-to-day business operations of an entity
  • Pay on the Internet
  • Possibility to issue additional cards to authorised employees of the entity
  • Order in Danske eBank

What we can do for you?

Call us at 6 800 800 or contact your relationship manager.


  • Travel Insurance

    As of 10 October 2018 Danske Bank will no longer be entering into new travel insurance agreements. Existing policies will remain valid until their end date.

    To report an incident, call us on +372 777 1211 or e-mail us at

  • Car rental
    In cooperation with Avis Budget Estonia we offer Danske Bank card holders up to 15% offers. The discount applies to all banknotes in the Avis and Budget 3000 offices in 120 countries around the world.

    For more information contact Avis Budget Estonia +372 667 1515 or

Secure Online Payments

  • MasterCard SecureCode


    mastercard securecode

    To ensure the security of your online payments, we have implemented an international security tool which helps to protect you from unauthorised use of your cards. Before accepting payment for goods or services, the e-shops marked with the MasterCard® SecureCode™ sign will require you to enter a card secure code which is known to you only.

    More about the MasterCard SecureCode programme.

  • How it works
    All customers of Danske Bank who have debit and credit cards participate in the secure payment programme automatically. After entering the security code, the bank verifies your identity in a few seconds and after reassuring that you are the card owner the bank validates your purchase. In case the security code is entered incorrectly, the payment is not validated and money is not credited from the account. The additional security tool ensures that only you will be able to pay using your payment card.

Prevention of unsanctioned payments abroad

  • Prevention of unsanctioned payments abroad

    Professionals at Danske Bank monitor electronic payments in foreign countries daily and restrict payments specific countries. Depending on the potential risks, different constraints are applied in different countries. For example, it may be prohibited to withdraw cash from ATMs, pay by card in shops where no PIN code is required, or pay on the Internet.

    In order to protect our clients’ money in these ATMs, Danske Bank has established cash withdrawal limits on its bankcards when used in ATMs that only function on the basis of magnetic strip technology.

  • Please notify us about planned trips
    To avoid blocking of operations, before travelling to any of the countries listed above, please notify the bank that you plan to make payments in these countries. You can do this in any of the following ways:

    Via Danske eBank
    At Danske eBank select the menu option 'Cards' -> 'Cards Restrictions', you will see a list of risk-related countries. Select the country of your destination, set the period of time of your visit, and select the cards that should not be subject to restrictions. At the end of the specified period, the system will monitor your card again and will not allow suspicious payment operations to be carried out.

    By calling 6 800 800
    Bank consultants will verify your identity and ask to you to specify the country of your destination, duration of your visit, and the cards you plan to use for payment. At the end of the period specified, the system will monitor your card again and will not allow suspicious payment operations to be carried out.

    At Business Centres
    At Business Centres you will have to specify the country of your destination, duration of your visit, and the cards you plan to use for payment. At the end of the period specified, the system will monitor your card again and will not allow suspicious payment operations to be carried out.

  • Please be attentive
    • Before travelling abroad, make a note of the long Danske Bank telephone number +372 6 800800 and have it with you at all times.
    • When using your card abroad, be more cautious than usual.
    • Do not pay by card in suspicious locations.
    • Use only secure, well-illuminated ATMs (in shopping centres and banks).
    • Immediately call the Danske Bank telepfone number +372 6 800 800 when you find a suspicious transaction or when you suspect that your card details may have become known to another person.

Tips and Advice

  • What shall do if I forgot my PIN?

    If you forgot your PIN, please apply to the Bank. You will need to fill in an application of established form to issue a new payment card. The bank will issue the card with a new PIN in three working days.

  • Can I change my card’s PIN number into one which is easier to remember?

    You can change an existing PIN number of your payment card at any Danske Bank ATM.

    Changing PIN number is not complicated: at the ATM, chose Change PIN Number function and follow the ATM’s prompts. New PIN number will become effective right away.

  • I lost my card (it was stolen). What shall I do?

    Block the card immediately. You can block a card via Danske eBank, by calling info line at 6 800 800 or arrive at a nearest Danske Bank Business Centre.
    You can order new payment card also in Danske eBank, by calling 6 800 800 or in Business Centres.

  • I broke my card/the card got demagnetised. What shall I do?
    You can order new payment card in Danske eBank, by calling info line 6 800 800 or arrive at a nearest Danske Bank Business Centre. The new card will be issued in three working days.
  • My card got stuck in the ATM. What shall I do?
    If your card got stuck in the ATM, necessarily invalidate the card. Call Danske Bank info line at 6 800 800 or arrive at the nearest Danske Bank Business Centre for card blocking.

  • I noticed some discrepancies in the monthly statement. To whom shall I apply?

    Paying for products and services with bankcards has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Bankcards are used more and more to make purchases online, too. That is why, inevitably, a failed card transaction is a more frequent occurrence nowadays. Below you will find important information that can help you resolve any possible card payment issues.

    You can dispute a card transaction in the following cases:

    • In your bank statement you have discovered a card transaction that you know you did not perform.
      NB! In the above case you must immediately have your bankcard blocked: call the Danske Bank information line (+372) 6 800 800, do it via the Internet Bank or visit the nearest Danske Bank Business Centre.
    • One card transaction sum has been deducted from your account several times.
    • The ATM did not give you any cash but the sum you tried to get has nonetheless been deducted from your account.
    • The ATM accepted your cash but it has not been added to your account.
    • You have not received the products or services that you paid for with the card.
    • The items you ordered online did arrive but you were not satisfied with them and returned them. The card transaction was cancelled but the merchant or service provider has failed to refund you.

    The account holder or the card uses has the right to submit to the bank a claim disputing a card transaction within 13 months from the date that the transaction appeared in the account.

  • How to check the balance of a Card Account?

    You can find out the balance of the card account at any time by using:

    • Danske Bank ATMs
    • Danske eBank
    • Danske mBank
  • Which payment cards I can use for payment in online stores?

    The administrators of online stores may limit payments with certain types of debit cards but Danske Bank provides all technical capabilities to pay online with any type of card.

  • When trying to pay online I’m redirected to Danske eBank window. Why?

    At online stores bearing MasterCard® SecureCode™ sign you will be redirected to Danske eBank. This international security tool protects your card from unauthorised use.

    Regural eBank page will be opened where you have to enter the eBank user ID and enter the password or code what you have chosen. If you have been identified in the eBank then you will be returned to the merchant to finalize the payment.

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