Point-of-sales terminals allows customers using payment cards at your trade or service location.

This service allows your customers making payments with Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro payment cards issued in any bank of the country.

What we can do for you?

Call us at 6 800 800 or contact your Relationship Manager.
Let's discuss your needs and find the best solution to your company.

Why this is useful?

  • Card payment is easy, secure and quick both, for the client as well as for the merchant.
  • The money reaches your account fast
  • Decreased risk of handling cash and also saves the expenses
  • You can easily look overview of card transactions in Danske eBank

More about POS

  • Types of point-of-sales-terminals
    • Payment terminals can be both – fixed (convenient for shops) or portable (convenient for restaurants or cafes).
    • Each of the terminal can be individual or integrated with cash registers.
  • Technical support

    For your convenience we provide technical assistance related to electronic card readers. 

    • We provide free installation of the readers
    • Our partners take care of technical maintenance and repair of electronic card readers
    • Your employees will be trained to use these devices
    • Detailed information can be found on the web page www.nets.ee or by calling +372 671 1477

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