E-invoice is an electronic document that a seller or service provider delivers to the customer via bank for the provided utilities, internet, telecommunications and other services or products. E-invoices are stored, available and payable via Danske eBank.

How is it useful?

Easy to use manually

E-invoice contains all of the mandatory data of an invoice and the details of a payment order. If paying manually, you can just to open pre-filled payment order from received e-invoice or to sign e-invoice automatic payment service agreement.

Invoices will always be paid on time

If you choose the e-invoice automatic payment service, the required amount of money will be transferred to the seller automatically, at the time you requested and from your indicated bank account.

Easy to control

You will always see all delivered, pending and already paid e-invoices on your Danske eBank. You can also order a notification by e-mail, which will inform you about the received e-invoice.


Bank will transfer the amount of money indicated in an e-invoice only with your permission – when you sign the automatic payment agreement or when you individually make a one-time payment for each e-invoice. You can always choose not to receive e-invoices anymore. You can terminate automatic payment service agreement any time in order to decide if you would like to pay e-invoices received from exact seller.

Easy to use

  • How to start using it?

    In the case that you want to order a new e-invoice, you can submit your request:

    • In Danske eBank: in the section “E-invoice”, select “E-invoice Application/Cancellation”.
    • At the nearest Danske Bank branch.
    • At the office of the seller or service provider for whose goods or services you are paying.
  • How to pay for an e-invoice?

    E-invoice automatic payment service
    If you choose the e-invoice automatic payment service, the amount indicated in an e-invoice will be transferred to the service provider's account automatically.

    When filling in a new request to receive e-invoices, you will be able to choose the automatic payment of invoices in Danske eBank upon receiving your first e-invoice. After the E-invoice Automatic Payment Service Agreement is signed, you can be sure that all invoices received in the future will be paid automatically.

    When entering into an agreement regarding the e-invoice automatic payment service, you will be able to indicate the bank account from which the received e-invoices will be paid, select a payment day for the payment of e-invoices, set a payment limit and monthly limit.

    You can terminate the e-invoice automatic payment service agreement at any time.

    You can see all valid automatic payment service agreements on your Danske eBank, section “E-invoice”, “E-invoice Contracts”.

    One-time payment of an e-invoice
    You can make a one-time payment of an e-invoice yourself each time you receive an invoice:

    • Log in to Danske eBank.
    • Choose the section “E-invoice”.
    • Open a received e-invoice and pay for it.

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