Salary Payment Orders

The salary payment service enables you to make salary payments in euros to beneficiaries who hold an account with Danske Bank or other banks located within the European Union.

Salary payment is a convenient opportunity to initiate sensitive salary payments in a way that ensures that detailed information about each specific salary is available only for selected users from the payer’s side. One payment file can be used to make salary payments to all of the company’s employees simultaneously. Salary payment is initiated as a consolidated payment, which means that sensitive information about each separate salary amount is available only for Danske eBank users who have special rights granted by the account holder. For the rest of the company’s Danske eBank users, only the total amount of the consolidated payment is displayed in the account statement and Orders List.

Salary payments should be forwarded to the bank via Danske eBank by importing a payment file or via the LiveGate channel. In order to make salary payments as consolidated payments, it is necessary to mark this option in the file and conclude a relevant service agreement with the Bank.