Audit request

Request for information for audit purposes.

More about audit request

  • Ordering audit request

    Ordering audit request

    A request for information for audit purposes can be submitted to Danske Bank by the authorized person of a company (a member of the management board or a person authorized to submit the request) as follows:

  • Ordering requirements

    Ordering requirements

     A request submitted on the company’s letterhead must contain the following data:

    • name and contact details of the audit firm and the manner in which the response to the query should be sent
    • the language in which the response to the query should be given (Estonian or English)
    • number of the account from which the service charge for the query is paid
    • the manner in which a copy of the response should be sent to the company, if necessary

    In accordance with the customer’s request Danske Bank forwards an overview of a report on the balances of the customer’s current accounts and the data on the agreements related to the current accounts directly to the customer’s auditor or to the customer. If the customer indicates in the request that the bank report should be sent electronically, the bank will use the electronic channel as the first preference.

  • Receiving audit request

    Receiving audit request

    Danske Bank uses a modern and secure way of forwarding bank reports for audit purposes – a digitally signed and encrypted bank report for audit purposes is sent by e-mail. In order to send a digitally signed and encrypted bank report for audit purposes to the counterparty, the bank needs to know the name and ID-code (or the digi stamp and the certificate of the company) and the e-mail address of the counterparty. An encrypted bank report can be decrypted only by the contact person of the company by means of his/her ID card or the digi stamp of the company. The company can also ask the bank to send the report for audit purposes to its mailbox in Internet Bank where the report is preserved for 3 months after the arrival of the report in the mailbox.

  • Audit request fee

    Audit request fee

    An audit query is subject to a service charge as set out in the Danske Bank price list for business customers.
    Responses to audit queries are prepared not later than within 30 days of receipt of a specific request and the service charge in Danske Bank.