Danske mBank

With Danske mBank, you get a quick overview of your company's finances and the ability to cope with banking business wherever you are. To access accounts or approve payments, use your mobile ID or PIN calculator.


Get an overview of the speed

Whether you're on the way from one meeting to another, at the construction site or traveling, you can easily get an overview of the company's finances and, for example, see if a customer's payment has gone through.



Your data is secure

You can safely handle your finances in our apps. We do not compromise on security, and Danske mBank has the same high level of security as in Danske eBank. To access accounts or approve payments, use your mobile ID or PIN calculator.


Keep the business running

With apps, you can keep your business running everyday. For example, you can make payments or approve payment requests.

Getting Started

Gain access

To access Danske mBank, you must have Electronic Service Agreement. 

Once you've downloaded the app, it's easy to log in - just enter your username and Mobile-ID or a code generated by PIN calculator.

Standard terms and conditions of the electronic services agreement (PDF)

PIN-generator usage guide (PDF)
Mobile-ID usage guide (PDF)


Download the app

You can download Danske mBank to iOS and Android in the App Store or Google Play. Search for Danske mBank on your phone or tablet, or click on a link below.

With the help of Danske mBank you can

  • How do I log in?
    Touch "Log in" and follow the onscreen instructions. Enter your user ID and choose to log-in using Mobile-ID PIN1 or code from PIN Generator, enter code and click "OK".
  • What features can I use when I'm logged in?
    • With just few clicks sign or delete transactions on Danske eBank or Danske mBank performed by you or your company employee
    • Find out your bank accounts or card accounts balances and the funds reserved;
    • View movements and details in your bank account or card account;
    • Perform money transfers to other legal entities and transfer money between your accounts with default payment settings;
    • Quickly and easily learn currency exchange rates and calculate and exchange currency.
    • Manage several customers (e.g. business and private customers);
    • Read bank's messages;
    • Use the lists of recipients and payment templates created on your phone or Danske eBank.
    • Contact bank and block the card;
    • Find the closest route to the nearest ATM or branch of the bank and its working hours.

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