Factoring provides companies with flexible supplementary financing that corresponds to their actual sales volume. This way, companies can take advantage of unexpected sales opportunities that they would not normally be able to finance with their own funds.

More about factoring

  • Seller


    • A possibility to obtain funds without pledge
    • Improving the company's liquidity ratios
    • Buyers payment risk management
    • Easier planning of cash flows
    • Decrease of debt administration expenses
    • Flexibility in negotiation with buyers
  • Buyer


    • More extended payment terms
    • More purchasing power without an additional source of funding
    • Acquisition of new suppliers
  • Terms and conditions

    Terms and conditions

    • Currency:
    • Interest rate: according to risk assessment
    • Agreement term: up to 1 year
    • Payment term for the buyer: up to 90 days (longer on agreement)
    • Invoice processing fee: 0,1 – 0,7% of the value of the invoice
    • Advance payment: up to 90% of the value of the invoice
    • Agreement fee: up to 1% of the limit (min €175) + VAT
    • Fee for purchaser’s risk limit query in the case of factoring with insurance:
      EU purchasers €25 + VAT, plus €5 per quarter + VAT
      Other countries: €40 + VAT plus €7.50 per quarter + VAT
    • Collateral: trade credit insurance companies engaged in insurance, recourse to the seller, and (or) provide other collateral

  • Required documents

    Required documents

    • Factoring application
    • The audited annual report of the previous year and quarterly financial statements of the current year

    Additional documents are requested by the bank if necessary.

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