Transfer of 3rd-pillar fund units to pension account

On 6 August 2018 all 3rd-pillar fund units will be transferred from your securities account to your pension account.

This will take place automatically and does not require you to do anything. Please note that information regarding 3rd-pillar fund units will henceforth be displayed alongside other pension data in your pension account.

The transfer is the final step in the process wherein pension accounts are being transformed into a single, all-in-one account for pension-related data.

An overview of your pension account will henceforth be available online at by logging in to your personal account.

If to date you have only had 3rd-pillar pension fund units in your Nasdaq CSD securities account and you have no plans to purchase any other securities for said account, we recommend closing it so that you can avoid paying maintenance fees on an empty account. Closing an account is free of charge for Danske Bank clients.

If you have set up a standing order in the bank for 3rd-pillar pension fund subscriptions, you will now need to terminate it and enter into a new one, since the details are changing on 6 August 2018. The new details can be found online at