We are constantly improving the quality of our services and are interested in your needs: therefore, we can offer you the most suitable services that are easy to use. Every suggestion or complaint of yours is handled individually taking into regard the specific situation.

According to the procedure of complaints approved of in Danske Bank, each customer may address the bank verbally, in writing or online.
If you wish to submit your suggestion or complaint, you can do it in one of the following ways:
1. By contacting the bank by phone +372 6 800 800
2. By sending an electronic Danske eBank notice
3. By sending an e-mail to
4. By sending a letter of free form by the post to the address: Narva mnt 11, 15015 Tallinn, Estonia
5. By filling in a form of complaint online
6. By filling in a form of complaint in any of the Danske Bank business centres


If you choose to submit a complaint of free form, please specify the following data:

  • Name, surname / Company business name
  • Date of birth / Company registration number
  • Residence address
  • Date of submitting the complaint
  • Essence of the complaint, i.e., what caused the complaint
  • Your demands
  • Other documents / data related with the complaint
  • Method how you would like to receive the answer

We oblige to respond to your submitted complaint not later than in terms specified in legal acts of the Republic of Estonia. 

All complaints received in Danske Bank are analyzed following the legislation of Republic of Estonia, rules of ethics, code of ethics and client service standard regulated by the bank. We ensure the confidentiality of information contained in the received complaints.

If the answer received from the bank does not satisfy you or, you wish that the complaint would be handled by a third party, you have the right to turn to judicial litigation institutions according to the rules established by the respective institutions:

Financial Supervision Authority
Address: Sakala 4, 15030 Tallinn
Phone: 668 0500
Fax: 668 0501

Consumer Protection Board
Address: Pronksi 12, 10117 Tallinn
Phone: 620 1700
Fax: 620 1701

Complaints arising from an agreement entered into by way of the means of communication can be submitted to the Consumer Protection Board through an electronic environment available at

Data Protection Inspectorate
Address: Väike-Ameerika 19, 10129 Tallinn
Phone: 627 4135
Fax: 627 4137

Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund`s conciliation body
Address: Mustamäe tee 46 (building A), 10621 Tallinn
Phone: 667 1800
Fax: 667 1800

More information about the handling of disputes between the customer and the bank may be found on the website of the Bank of Estonia.