Danske Telephone Bank

Danske Telephone Bank is an easy way to do banking over the phone.

Danske Telephone Bank allows You to:

  • Receive information about Your account balance, transactions and agreements
  • Make payments (Estonian payments, international payments)
  • Exchange currency
  • Start a standing order
  • Start a term deposit
  • Order a new bank card
  • Trade security papers

To use Danske Telephone Bank, call Your relationship manager.

How to use Danske Telephone Bank

You can sign the contract to use Telephone Bank at all Danske Bank business centres in Estonia. Becoming a user is free of charge, but You must hold a current account at Danske Bank.

The Telephone Bank can be used with mobile ID or PIN-calculator. On signing the Telephone Bank contract the bank will issue PIN-calculator if needed. When calling Your relationship manager will identify You with mobile ID or PIN-calculator and after that You may proceed to make the desired transactions.

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