Private customer services

In February 2019 Danske Bank Group took the decision to close down the banking activities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

Credit servicing

  • Credit servicing account

    In the last months we have been in contact with all local business and private customers regarding termination of contracts and agreements with Danske Bank. Danske Bank’s decision to close down banking operations in the Baltic countries does not change the course or the content of what we communicated to you earlier.

    If your account in Danske Bank has been closed or it will be closed during the next couple of months, and if you have a valid credit agreement, you should transfer all your payments to the special Credit servicing account.

    What should you know?

    • If your credit repayments have so far been conducted via your bank account, you will now have to pay them via the Credit servicing account.
    • The account number for the Credit servicing account was provided to you in a letter. You can also see this number in Danske eBank.
    • This account belongs to the Danske Bank and it is in the name of the bank. The only intended purpose of use of this account is to service the credit agreement(s) concluded with you. The Credit servicing account is opened for credit repayment purpose only. The account is not intended for money depositing or other daily banking services.
    • All obligations of the credit agreements, e.g. principal payments, interest payments, commitment fees, payments under the lease agreement, repayments of the used credit limit of the credit cards and related fees, possible fees, fines for delay etc. should from now on be paid to the Credit servicing account.
      Beneficiary: Danske Bank A/S Estonia Branch.
      Account number: the Credit servicing account number that was sent to you.
      Payment details: (for example) Fulfilment of credit agreement.
      The payment has no reference number and an e-invoice cannot be ordered.
    • If the insurance premium of the insurance agreement related to the credit agreement pertain to be paid to the bank, or if you have to pay any guaranty payments for Kredex or MES, please transfer these payments also to the Credit servicing account.
    • Please make the payments to the Credit servicing account according to the credit agreement repayment schedule and actual contractual payment obligation.
    • The payments received to the Credit servicing account are considered as performance of the credit agreement payment obligation according to the dates provided for in the credit agreement payment schedule (not when the payment arrives to that account). In case of several obligations, the payments will be debited according to the sequence of their contractual performance.
    • The bank has the right to return partial or full payment made to the Credit servicing account, if the bank considers it not to meet the purpose of performing the credit agreement (for example if the overpaid amount is significantly larger than it is needed for a few next regular payments).
    • If you have the valid electronic services agreement, you will find information on the credit agreement(s), notifications on changes in base interest and schedules of valid interest period from Danske eBank. It is also possible to view the Credit servicing account and the payments made through it in Danske eBank. If you do not have a valid electronic services agreement, you will continue to receive information via e-mail or mail.
      If you do not have an access to Danske eBank, please contact the bank for the agreement.
    • The credit agreements or collateral agreements may provide obligations about owing the current account in Danske Bank. The bank confirms that from now on all such obligations are void and there is no need to perform these obligations.

    What should you do?

    • Please follow the credit agreement payment obligations and the deadlines closely.
    • We recommend making the necessary payment one weekday before the deadline of the payment obligation. Thus you will avoid possible misunderstandings with the delay in arrival of the payment, emergence of arrears and calculation of default interests.

    Please contact the bank if:

    • The contractual loan has not been fully paid to you and you wish to receive the payment of the loan amount.
    • If you want to perform the credit agreement earlier. Otherwise, the bank may find that the sum transferred to the Credit servicing account is not necessary for the performance of current payment obligations. Hence the bank may return this sum to the payer.
    • Your credit agreement will soon be expiring and you have to agree on the next steps for deleting the pledge (e.g. deleting the mortgage or commercial pledge).

  • Discharge of the mortgage
    Danske Bank A/S is winding up its activities in Estonia. We have mortgages that have been set in favour of Danske Bank but are no longer valid collaterals, because the relevant credit agreements have been ended. Danske Bank A/S Estonia branch is discharging the mortgages that no longer secure outstanding credits and in relation of which the bank has no claims.

    We have submitted or will submit applications for discharging the mortgages via a notary. The official decision will be made on the basis of the bank´s unilateral application, and the fact that the mortgagee has discharged the mortgage will be marked in the Land Register. The owner of the property does not have to do anything or pay any expenses in relation to this, as Danske Bank will pay the costs related to the discharge of the mortgage.

    The mortgage entry will remain valid in all other respects and the owner of the property can continue to use it at their own discretion—either delete it or transfer it to another mortgagee, if necessary. The presence of Danske Bank will not be required for this transaction. After the discharge of mortgage has been entered in the Land Register, the Land Register will send a letter to the postal address of the owner of the property with a printout of the register part showing the discharge of mortgage.

Transfer and termination of services

  • Closing a current account

    All of the bank's services and agreements are tied to your current account. Once your current account is closed, you can no longer use the bank cards connected with closed account.

    A current account cannot be closed if you have:

    • an outstanding amount due to the Bank or third parties for services connected to the account.


    If you have decided to transfer your everyday banking agreements and services to another bank, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

    • E-invoices of companies that have joined can be transferred in the environment.

    If you transfer the e-invoices of these companies to another bank in the aforementioned environment, you are not required to do anything else in Danske Bank or the other bank. In order to enter into agreements with regard to other companies and new e-invoices, please contact your service provider or explore your options in your new bank's Internet Bank.

    • Please contact us if you wish to amend your loan or lease contract.

    If you have an existing loan or lease contract with Danske Bank, we recommend that you maintain your Danske Bank electronic services agreement, since it can be of use when exchanging information about loans or leases (among other things).

    • Please consult the bank  in order to transfer investments in your securities account to another bank (read more in section 'Transfer of securities').


     If you have transferred your everyday bank services to another bank, we ask that you submit to us an application to close your current account.

    You can do this:

    The Bank will close your current account within 15 banking days of receiving your application. We will contact you if we have any questions.

    Please make sure to notify the following parties if you change your current account number:

    • your employer (submit an application to redirect salary to your employer); and
    • the Estonian National Social Insurance Board (if you receive state benefits or compensation).
    • Please use your new account number when filling in your next income tax return.

    If any funds (either monetary funds or securities/financial instruments) remain in your account(s) after termination of the agreement, those will be transferred into bank’s internal accounts and you will have to submit an application at the Business Centre of the bank in order to transfer the funds.

    If during 1 (one) month from closing the Account, the bank receives a payment in your name, the bank will transfer it to the other account of yours (should you have submitted relevant data to the bank). After that period, the bank will return the received amount to the payer.

    General conditions (PDF)
    Standard terms and conditions of the current account agreement (PDF)
    Depositor information sheet (PDF)
    Danske Bank Privacy Notice (PDF)
    Questionnaire for Individuals (PDF)
    Danske Bank A/S Estonia branch data processors (PDF)

    Closed account balance transfer application (PDF)

  • Submission of digitally signed applications

    The most convenient way to close your current account and terminate service agreements is to e-mail a digitally signed application to the bank.

    All you have to do is:

    • fill in an application for the termination of the current account agreement; and
    • sign the application digitally. For this, you need a valid ID card or Mobile ID and the corresponding PIN2.
    • E-mail the digitally signed application to or to your Private Banker.

    The Bank will close your current account and terminate any existing service agreements within 15 banking days of receiving your application. We will make sure to contact you if we have any questions.

  • Transferring e-invoices to another bank


    • In order to transfer e-invoices to another bank, you must place a new e-invoice order with your service provider (e.g. magazine retailer).

    This can be done in your new bank's Internet Bank or at their branch or at a branch of the service provider. After receiving the new e-invoice order, the service provider will forward your e-invoices to your new bank (and stop sending them to Danske Bank).



    • Starting from 2 February 2019 the bank no longer provide service.
  • Transfer of securities


    The most convenient option is to forward all of the securities on your Nasdaq CSD (formerly known as Estonian CSD) securities account in a single transfer. In order to do this:

    1. Open a Nasdaq CSD securities account in another bank (if you have not already done so).
    2. Place an order to transfer the securities account together with the securities in it with both Danske Bank and the other bank. The placement order of these orders is not relevant.
    3. Your Nasdaq CSD securities account in Danske Bank will be closed once the securities have been transferred.

    In order to place an order with Danske Bank to transfer your Nasdaq CSD securities account we ask you to:


    If there are any securities in your securities account that are not registered in Nasdaq CSD and you want to transfer them to another bank and close your securities account, you can:

    We will outline the options for transferring the securities.


    Transfers of securities to another bank are exempt from income tax. Any profit gained from securities must be declared to the Tax Board after the securities have been transferred (based on their initial acquisition cost). The difference between the acquisition cost and the sales price of the sold security is regarded as profit.

    To ensure that the initial acquisition cost can be taken into account when declaring future income from securities, we ask you to obtain a securities account statement before closing your securities account.

    You can order this statement from:


    In order to close an empty securities account, we kindly ask you to:

    • submit a free-format application via the Danske eBank;
    • call the Danske Telephone Bank on +372 6 800 800;
    • visit the nearest Danske Bank Business Centre; or
    • contact your Private Banker.

    You can also close your empty securities account together with your current account. In order to do this, we kindly ask you to:

    Standard terms and conditions of the agreement on investment services (PDF)

  • Termination of loan and lease contracts

    The transfer of loan or lease contracts means that you terminate your contract with Danske Bank and enter into a new one with another bank under its terms and conditions.

    • In order to repay a loan or real estate lease prematurely, we kindly ask you to submit a respective application at least three banking days before the designated repayment date.
    • Premature repayment is subject to a premature repayment fee as specified in the contract.

    Please note: A loan or lease contract is considered to be terminated once all of the associated obligations have been met.

    In order to apply for premature termination of a credit agreement, we kindly ask you to:

  • "Know Your Customer" questionnaires

    According to the current anti-money laundering and tax administration legislation and the overall know-your-customer principle, banks find it essential to maintain an overview of their customer base. This applies to you too, despite that your account (-s) have already been closed or are due to be closed soon. That is why we are periodically seeking further information on your personal data, economic activities and individuals related to you.
    As long as you have a payment obligations under the credit agreement or have financial instruments/securities held in the Bank, you are obliged to submit the required information to the Bank, even if your account in Danske Bank has been closed or it will be closed during the next couple of months.

    You can fill-in the questionnaire in two ways:
    1. You can fill it in and submit online, on Danske eBank. The form is available under the “Information & Settings” tab, or under the link
    2. Download the form from, fill it in offline, sign and return it to

    Please make sure that the questionnaire is signed by the private individual who is the account holder or the authorised representative.