Current Account

Current Account is the basic bank account which enables you to use everyday banking services. Having a current account in Danske Bank provides you and your family with the Private Banking service.

The current account allows you to conveniently use all day-to-day banking services

  • Use debit and credit cards, make payments, order e-invoices. Your investment account, securities account, loans are linked to your current account.
  • You can easily manage your daily finances through Danske Bank electronic channels – Danske eBank, Danske mBank or other.

More about accounts

  • IBAN

    International bank account number or IBAN is the internationally standardised version of your current account number. It is used in the European Union for foreign and local money transfers. IBAN must be provided as the beneficiary’s account number.

  • Account transfer service

    The Account Transfer Service allows you to transfer your current account and related standing orders from Danske Bank to a new bank. To do this, you need to submit a statement to the new bank. For more information on transferring settlement services and terms and conditions, see the website of the Estonian Banking Association.
    Please contact us for more information.

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