E-invoice is an electronic document that a seller or service provider delivers to the customer via bank for the provided utilities, internet, telecommunications and other services or products. E-invoices are stored, available and payable via Danske eBank.

The bank provides e-invoice automatic payment service only for subsidiaries of Danske Bank Group Nordic customers and global corporates.

Easy to use

  • How to start using it?

    In the case that you want to order a new e-invoice, you can submit your request:

    • In Danske eBank: in the section “E-invoice”, select “E-invoice Application/Cancellation”.
    • At the nearest Danske Bank branch.
    • At the office of the seller or service provider for whose goods or services you are paying.
  • How to pay for an e-invoice?

    One-time payment of an e-invoice
    You can make a one-time payment of an e-invoice yourself each time you receive an invoice:

    • Log in to Danske eBank.
    • Choose the section “E-invoice”.
    • Open a received e-invoice and pay for it.

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