Currency exchange

The indicative currency exchange rates presented on Danske Bank website are informative and they may differ from currency exchange rates that are available for customers at particular time at our business centres of Danske Bank or in the Danske eBank.

The currency exchange rates on the webpage are updated on business days from 6.00 to 18.00 usually every 30 minutes.
Danske eBank transaction rate
Currency Currency code Bank sells 1 EUR Bank buys 1 EUR
European Central Bank rate
* Mainland Chinese yuan (CNY) has significant transactions related restrictions and limitations.
** Due to the strategy of Danske Bank to focus on serving subsidiaries of Nordic corporate customers and international corporations in the Baltic States as from 28.December 2018 USD is quoted only for transactions made by or in favour of the companies registered in Estonia and belonging to our core-customer segment1.” (1Business Customers of Danske Bank A/S in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland), Business customers whose majority shares or voting rights directly or indirectly owned by an existing or target customer of Danske Bank A/S Nordic countries and other Business Customers that are at the Bank`s sole discretion important for servicing them in the Nordic countries)

More about currency exchange

  • General terms of currency exchange

     The currency exchange transactions can be executed on business days from 8.00 to 17.00:

    • online via Danske eBank or Danske mBank
    • by visiting Danske Bank business centre
    • by calling to Danske Telephone bank +372 6 800 800
    • by calling markets dealers (service agreement needed)
  • Official currency exchange rates

    Information about the precise official currency exchange rates offered by the Danske Bank at a certain point of time can be acquired

    • by calling Danske information phone number +372 6 800 800
    • in Danske eBank section “Daily service/Currency exchange/Official currency rates”

    ECB rates – euro foreign exchange reference rates fixed on daily basis taking into consideration euro foreign exchange reference rates announced by the European Central Bank and published at approximately 5 p.m. (Estonian time) reflecting the foreign exchange market situation at the given day.

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